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“Kunsan Air Base Korea: How It Was (1938-Present).”

“The history of the base as told by the people who were there.”

Kunsan AB, Osan AB, Kadena AB and Yokota AB — How It Was…
Caretaker Period, Pueblo Incident, and Nuclear Alerts



Caretaker Period (1954-1971) ◦1966 — Off-base conditions; Train guard duty
◦1967 — “Field Days” illustrating conditions prior to Pueblo Incident
◦1968 — Pueblo Incident: 4th TFW arrives; Tent City; Off-base pipeline; 47th ARRS (Pedro); ROKAF Helicopter Support; Flightline; Facilities and Housing; C-pad and Christmas Tree Area; On-base POL operations; Road to Kunsan; Off-base bars
◦1969 — Construction of Arches started 557th CES (HR) Red Horse (Apr 68 – Nov 69)

◦1970 — Kunsan-Seoul air route; Building of America-town (A-town)

◦38th Tactical Fighter Group/111th TFS (1958-Present)

Early ROKAF – Original ROKAF Aircraft – Training Problems
ROKAF at Kunsan in 1960s – F-86F Specifications
ROKAF at Kunsan in 1970s & 1980s – Transition to F-4D/E – F-5A/B & F-5E Tiger II
ROKAF into the new Millenium – 38th Fighter Group – Differences in Defense/Offensive Strategies
Changes – North Korea – Nuclear Weapons – Changes in “Little Brother” Attitude – New Programs


Pueblo Crisis (Jan 1968 – Jul 1968) ◦475th Tactical Fighter Wing (Jan 68 – Feb 68: Pueblo Crisis)
◦4th Tactical Fighter Wing (Jan 68 – Jul 68) — Buildup at Kunsan and Kwangju

◦354th Tactical Fighter Wing (Jul 68 – Jun 70) — F-100 ANG units and Interim Deployed Units
◦54th Tactical Fighter Wing (Jul 70 – Oct 70)


Nuclear Alert ◦39th Air Division (Jun 64 – Mar 71) 27th TFW Squadrons (Deployed to Misawa) (Jun 1964 – Jun 1965) (523 TFS/524th TFS: Cannon AFB, New Mexico)
3rd TFW Squadrons (Deployed to Misawa) (Aug 1965 – Jun 1966) (90 TFS/416th TFS: England AFB, Florida)
401st TFW Squadrons (Deployed to Misawa) (May 1966 – Sep 1966) (612th TFS/614th TFS/615th TFS)
6441st TFW (Sep 66-Dec 67???)/347th TFW (Dec 67-Jan 68)

◦Detachment 1, 475th Tactical Fighter Wing (Jan 68 – Mar 71) (Misawa AB, Japan)
◦347th Tactical Fighter Wing (Feb 71-Mar 71) (Yokota AB, Japan)



16 February 2017

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